7th International Workshop on Healthcare, Life-Sciences, and Entrepreneurship  (HLS&E) - YouTube playlist presentations available, see link here

Co-hosts Université de Luxembourg and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) as well as Vision Dynamics and the steering committee of this year’s HLS&E’s main sponsor “The Horizon2020 FET Proactive project CONNECT” welcome you to engage with a vibrant Research and Development community on TU/e campus.

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the HLS&E co-hosts, it is our pleasure to invite you to take part in the 7th International Workshop on Healthcare, Life-Sciences, and Entrepreneurship (HLS&E), to be held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, from June 19th to June 22nd 2022.

The HLS&E brings together professionals from the fields of surface sciences, medicine, biology and biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, organ-on-chip & adjacent industries, like AI and Robotics for Health, in order to foster a strong ecosystem.

HLS&E Workshop has defined three core offerings to drive innovation and tackle unmet (bio)medical challenges as follows:

  1. Scientists and professionals share their novel scientific findings and technical solutions in lecture style sessions (20-21 June)

  2. Businesses introduce and display their products and services in an interactive exhibition with the HLS&E delegates (20-21 June) 

  3. Innovation experts provide an inspirational Entrepreneurship College with hands-on exercises to strengthen your entrepreneurial vitality (19-22 June) 

Eindhoven is an important center for both science and technology in The Netherlands accumulating several high-tech businesses. The region successfully supports collaborations among Industries, Innovators and Infrastructure supply chains. This region stands for technology, design, innovation and knowledge (co)creation forming the heart of the so-called Brainport region with numerous start-ups in the high tech industry. It is a creative place and also very well-known for its multinationals: Philips, ASML and DAF. Furthermore, Eindhoven is internationally renowned for its fundamental and applied research at the TU/e and its entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem with business and development activities of Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly FEI), Holst Center and Eindhoven Engine.

In just a short drive (ca. 1hr by car) Brainport links with yet another high-impact life-sciences faciliatory Pivot Park offering incubation services to start-ups and advanced infrastructure to established businesses in the Healthcare and Life-Sciences sector.

The 7th International Workshop on Healthcare, Life-Sciences, and Entrepreneurship (HLS&E) will be held on TU/e campus, which is close to Eindhoven Airport (20 min by bus) and the railway station (5-10 minutes by foot, as well as easy to reach from Schiphol Airport ca 1.5hrs by direct intercity train).

This year’s HLS&E main sponsor, CONNECT, is an ongoing EU project that started in January 2019, that brings together a multidisciplinary consortium aimed to develop breakthrough Nervous-system-on-Chips, with Parkinson Disease as a showcase.

In this inclusive and mingling spirit we bring delegates together yet again in a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurship and deep-tech discussions on the latest advances in the science and technology of the Healthcare and Life-Sciences research domain at the 7th HLS&E.


Event opening by Carina Weijma,

dep. director International,

topsector High Tech Systems and  Materials       

Plenary: Modeling Parkinson's disease in

patient specific midbrain organoids by 

Prof. Jens Schwamborn, University of Luxembourg


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