Workshop scope

Healthcare & Life-Sciences & Entrepreneurship, the “HLS&E” workshop is an ambitious workshop on the interface of science and entrepreneurship. Previous established with a focus on surface science and bringing (micro)plasma techniques to market in Healthcare and Life-Science, covering in this workshop has grown to include soft-lithography, microfluidics, molecular self-assembly and self-organization on cell biology including organoids and organ-on-chip technology as well biomimetic and living materials. This workshop is the place to hear the newest techniques and the latest advances in HLS technologies and its applications to be cross- fertilized with ever new insights from the Entrepreneurship and Innovation sciences, including tips & tops of experts in the field how to identify, set-up and facilitate start-ups, whether as an intra- or an entrepreneur.

Workshop events 

Collegiate entrepreneurship contest 

The college opens on Sunday afternoon with an introduction to the college program and the tools you will executed throughout the workshop to hone your entrepreneurship knowledge and awareness.

Commercial Exhibition 

On Monday, 10:00 pm, the commercial exhibition is opened. It features vendors of materials and equipment which are relevant to the Healthcare and Life-Science (HLS) sector. Here is your opportunity to meet with a vibrant ecosystem of vendors who are eager to discuss their latest HLS systems, materials, and characterization instruments and related products. The commercial exhibition schedule is:     

Monday, June 20, 10:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday, June 21, 10:30 am – 3:45 pm

Light refreshments and snacks are available on Monday and Tuesday. Public canteen service is available on campus.

Participants in this year’s commercial exhibition include sponsors and companies around Eindhoven ecosystem and beyond.

Sunday Welcome Address

If you are registered as a start-up delegate join us on Sunday at the Welcome address from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm in Innovation Space.  One ticket to the Welcome address is included in the registration fee.

Technical Sessions Core Event HSLE 

The plenary session begins on Monday morning. The rest of the workshop is held as a two parallel session event with outbreak options online and exhibition from Monday through Tuesday afternoon including poster sessions.

Program theme HLS & E 2022: “Get ready to venture!

Poster Sessions

Poster Session will be taken place after the plenary session on Monday. Posters remain on display all Monday and Tuesday.  Monday light lunch will be provided. The poster schedule is:

  • Monday, June 20, 11:45 am – 1:20 pm,
  • Tuesday, June 21, posters on display only

Poster awards will be judged and presented at Tuesday evening during the reception.

WEDNESDAY Get-together “pitch-bites & drinks”

Wednesday at the end of college class, start-up teams will be mingling with their trainers in the Metaforum (Hall) from 4:00 pm to present their pitches.


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